Pigeon Lays An Egg In Nest With Mother Owl And Her Chicks… Doesn’t Go Well

Owl and pigeon
Charter Group Birdcams

Just taking over the nest.

Imagine someone coming into your home when you’re out for groceries and having another family move on in. Doesn’t sound fun or like it would be appreciated, I don’t think a barn owl would like it either.

Pigeons are medium sized birds with a wingspan of about 2 feet. They are a common bird far and wide, particularly known in cities.

Pigeons have high breeding rates and there’s a few reasons why. They build their nests in hidden spots and crevices, not being to picky. This allows them to easily breed. Beyond that they are known to steal other birds nests, just coming in and taking it over as their own.

Barn owls are known for their distinct look. They are nocturnal birds of prey that have a wingspan up to 4 feet wide. They are very good hunters, named for living close to farms and often nesting in barns.

Pigeons and barn owls rarely come in contact with each other. Usually, they are active during different parts of the day. But, like anything in nature, anything can happen from time to time.

These pigeons are seen coming right into an active barn owl nest and taking over. There are chicks in their pressed up against the wall rattled with the situation as their parents are out trying to get food.

The pigeons make the nest box their own and start laying their eggs right in there with them.

The dad owl comes back with a meal for his kids and gets right freaked out. He comes in and out a few times just to make sure he is seeing what he thinks.

The owl then goes full offense and get in front of his chicks and lays the boots right to the pigeon. With feathers flying everywhere the pigeon takes the beating for a few minutes before deciding it’s probably best to leave.

Nature is wild.

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