Parker McCollum Blasts Parker Millsap After He Asks Artists To Cut His Song: “He Was A Total D*ck”

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Jim Wright

Shots fired in the country music world tonight…

It’s no secret that Parker McCollum has been on a rocketship over the past few years. Earning multiple number one’s, debuting at Austin City Limits, and headlining a major tour are just a few of the accomplishments the Conroe, Texas native has racked up recently, not to mention dropping perhaps his best album yet, Never Enough.

But despite having his name in the spotlight pretty much 24/7, he’s still never afraid to pull punches and speak his mind when he feels the need.

The latest example of this happened just a few hours ago where seemingly all drama seems to happen these days, on Twitter.

Parker Millsap is a country artist out of Oklahoma who’s always seemed to be on the fringes of the Red Dirt scene, having released 6 albums since 2012, the most recent one just a few weeks ago titled Wilderness Within You. 

One of the tracks on the project is called “Front Porchin'”, which is a pretty standard song about drinking on a porch, and Millsap took to Twitter to shoot his shot at having some big artist cut the song, even offering to play guitar on the recording for free.

For sure an off the wall approach, perhaps even a joke for his fans, but I can’t imagine he thought he’d get this response from the other, more well-known, Parker…

“Bout 10 years ago I saw this guy at the Saxon pub in Austin. I was 20 years old and a huge fan.

He was a total dick to me after his set when I tried to talk to him. Funny how things work out.”

Big yikes…

You’d think an up and coming artist would do anything he could to have great fan interactions to boost his following, but that appears to have not been the case, at least this night in question in Austin.

As for the song itself, the most considerate opinion I can give is “Eh”

What do you think? Would it be a Kane Brown hit?

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