Parker McCollum Reflects On Life, Love And Everything In Between On New Album ‘Never Enough’

Parker McCollum country music
Parker McCollum

Parker McCollum’s fifth studio album Never Enough is out everywhere today.

And it’s full of some deep reflection, honest lyrics, and pretty understated production that I wasn’t necessarily expecting in the follow-up to his 2021 major label debut, Gold Chain Cowboy.

Produced by his fellow Texan, the great Jon Randall, Parker worked with some great writers from Texas and Nashville, and it definitely shows when it comes to the quality of the songs.

He released five singles in the lead-up to today, including the #1 hit “Handle On You,” “Stoned,” “Tails I Lose,” “Speed” and “I Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere,” which were a great variety and solid representation of the 15 songs featured on the tracklist.

Parker says Never Enough is his favorite record he’s ever put out, and features some of his best songwriting that he hopes fans will love and appreciate:

“This album Never Enough, is probably my favorite record I’ve ever put out! Some seriously personal songs on this record and I think some of my best songwriting.

It’s very honest, very authentic, very genuine, and I hope that comes across in every song.”

Parker often cites John Mayer as one of his musical heroes, and I think you can actually hear that quite a bit on this project, especially in songs like “Have Your Heart Again,” which is a beautiful piano ballad and an easy standout for me.

And overall, it definitely feels like the production is more like what we heard on some of his projects and albums from before he signed to major label, and feels decidedly more “country,” if you will.

There really is a lot of great stuff to get into on this project, and as someone who loves sad country songs more than just about anything, Parker certainly deliver on that front, too, which is definitely a plus for me on this album.

And without further ado, here are some of my early favorites… turn ’em up and have a good cry on this lovely Friday morning:

“Things I Never Told You”

“Have Your Heart Again”

“Too Tight This Time”

“Tough People Do”

“Lessons From An Old Man”

Never Enough tracklist:

1. “Hurricane” (Parker McCollum, David Lee Murphy, Jon Randall, Randy Rogers)
2. “Best I Never Had” (Parker McCollum, Will Bundy, Brett James)
3. “Things I Never Told You” (Monty Criswell, Lynn Hutton, Taylor Phillips)
4. “Burn It Down” (Parker McCollum, Hillary Lindsey, Lori McKenna, Liz Rose)
5. “Stoned” (Parker McCollum, Mark Holman, Brett James)
6. “Handle On You” (Parker McCollum, Monty Criswell)
7. “Lessons From An Old Man” (Parker McCollum, Lori McKenna, Lee Miller, Jon Randall, Liz Rose)
8. “Tough People Do” (Parker McCollum, Brett James, Jon Randall)
9. “Speed” (Parker McCollum, Ryan Beaver)
10. “Tails I Lose” (Parker McCollum, Wade Bowen, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)
11. “I Ain’t Going Nowhere” (Parker McCollum, Lori McKenna, Lee Miller, Jon Randall, Liz Rose)
12. “Too Tight This Time” (Parker McCollum, Brett James, Jon Randall)
13. “Don’t Blame Me” (Parker McCollum, Brett James, Jon Randall)
14. “Have Your Heart Again” (Parker McCollum, Ashley Gorley, Lee Miller)
15. “Wheel” (Parker McCollum, Jon Randall, Brad Warren, Brett Warren)

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