Could Tom Brady Play For The Raiders After Becoming A Minority Investor In The Team?

Tom Brady Raiders

Tom Brady just can’t help himself when it comes to media stories swirling around him.

There have been plenty of relationship rumors around the future hall of fame quarterback since he decided to retire (again), and the sports media landscape can’t help but continue to throw out theories that Brady isn’t done playing football just yet.

The 45-year-old is no stranger to making some business and money moves, and news broke just a couple of days ago that Brady was going to buy into the Las Vegas Raiders football team and become a minority owner.

NFL reporter Dov Kleiman tweeted this out when the news broke:

“Legendary QB Tom Brady has officially agreed to buy a minority share of the Raiders. His agreement has been submitted to the league and will now need to be approved by the NFL.”

Owning a part of the team always seem to be an interest of Brady’s, and this agreement now sets that deal in motion as long as it is okayed by the NFL.

There were rumors that Tom Brady had tried to do this with the Miami Dolphins for a short period of time following his first retirement in early 2022. Though the story has never been confirmed, many think that a plan for Brady to be an owner and a player for the Dolphins fell through when former head coach Brian Flores sued the NFL and alleged racial discrimination.

If you happen to have some time to read into that, its pretty interesting, and explains why Tom didn’t mention the Patriots in his first retirement letter (because he wasn’t actually retiring, he was just saying goodbye to the Bucs).

But as for the “Tom Brady playing for the Raiders” rumors, there seems to be a very small possibility that the 7-time Super Bowl winner could throw on the pads and un-retire a second time.

On the Move The Chains podcast with Jordan Shultz and Jonah Birenbaum, one of the hosts had a couple of leads after talking to Brady’s former teammate Julian Edelman.

Schultz says:

“I actually had talked to Julian Edelman maybe two years ago about this and he told me the story of how it almost went down, and why it didn’t happen.

But the bottom line is, Tom Brady was very open and receptive to being a Raider. Now that was when they were in northern California, he’s from the area of San Mateo (California), but you have the framework in place.

It’s not impossible, I’ll just say that, it’s not impossible. Then you have to wonder would Edelman come back, would Gronk come back? I don’t think so, but it is not absolutely insane to say that Tom Brady will one day take snaps for the Raiders.”

I will admit, the edit in the video showing Tom Brady in Raider’s black and grey looked pretty damn good.

However, there seems to be a rule that could make Brady coming back to the field while having an ownership stake rather difficult. ESPN’s Jeff Darlington explained:

“This should also put to rest any of the final few holdouts still wondering if Tom will come back out of retirement.

NFL rules require a vote of all 32 teams to allow anyone to play while holding a financial interest in a club. So we can all move on now… right? …right??”

Yeah, not sure that all the NFL teams would just openly vote for Tom Brady to come back to kick their asses. Especially those within the same division as the Raiders. But then again, he’s pushing 50… how good can he be?

So with this minority investment, instead of firing up the “Brady is back” rumors, it might actually mark the official end of “12’s” illustrious football career.

I’ll believe it when I don’t see it (if that makes sense).

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