Tom Brady Is Reportedly Leaning Towards Walking Away From His $375 Million Dollar Broadcasting Deal With FOX Sports

Tom Brady
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Somehow Tom Brady is talked about more as a retired football player than he was when he was out on the field winning Super Bowls (7 to be exact).

It was supposed to be a fairytale ending for the future Hall of Famer after the 2021 season: Retire a Super Bowl Champion, spend time with his wife (yikes) and kids, make a ton of money off of his clothing line, and call NFL games once a week for FOX.

As of right now, only one of those seems like it will hold true. (Brady Brand is flying off the shelves).

Brady came out of retirement in 2022 and had an average season, he and his long time model wife Gisele Bündchen got a divorce, and now it appears that he may be leaving a very lucrative commentating gig on the table.

NFL Reporter Dov Kleiman announced some shocking news that Brady may break his 10-year, $375 million dollar contract with Fox Sports. The tweet reads:

“Report: Tom Brady might quit his new 10-year, $375 million deal with Fox Sports.

Andrew Marchand says that right now Brady is at 51% more likely to walk away from his FOX deal before it starts, adding that it’s ‘fluctuating.'”

Adding fuel to the “Brady isn’t done playing football” fire I see…

Andrew Marchand, a Sports Media Columnist for the New York Post, said on his podcast The Marchand & Ourand Sports Media Podcast:

“It was at 51% that he’s gonna do it to 49% (not), with the reasoning (that) it’s so much money, he’ll try it for a year.

However, I’ve talked to a couple of people recently, and I kind of feel like I’m going more 49% chance he does it, 51% chance he doesn’t.”

Marchand goes on to suggest that the amount of travel that is required of an NFL analyst could influence Brady’s decision, while also citing that Brady is well known to be a committed individual and that he “won’t take shortcuts” if he decides to follow through with the broadcasting gig.

The clip can be see here:

The change in odds aren’t much, but it could be all that it takes for Brady to walk away. Like Marchand says, Brady won’t have a problem making money with his other business ventures.

And I’m thinking one of those “business ventures” could involve a football helmet and a jersey…

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