Hot Country Knights Announce New Music Is On The Way

Hot Country Knights

The Hot Country Knights took the country music world by storm in 2015…or was it the 1990’s?

Their starting date doesn’t really matter. All that does is the wonderful country music contributions the retro band has made, and the breaking news that the group apparently has more to come.

In an announcement straight from the Hot Country Knights’ twitter account, the band made it clear that more new music was on the way.

Considering that the Dierks Bentley (I mean Douglas “Doug” Douglason) led band hasn’t made any new music since their breakout 2020 album The K is Silentthe news of new original music is quite exciting.

Though the band will say they formed in the 1990’s, their members resemble some very well known modern musicians in the country music industry.

Hot Country Knights members Trevor Travis, Marty Ray “Rayro” Roburn, Terotej “Terry” Dvoraczekynski, Barry Van Ricky, and Monte Montgomery look a whole lot like Dierks Bentley’s regular road band, but you might want to do some investigation yourself to see if you agree.

Their most recent tweet, which featured a funny picture of the band members assembled in a human pyramid, states:

“No other band stacks up against us.

We’re back, baby. Who’s ready for new music?”

The news we have all been waiting for.

The timing of their announcement couldn’t be any better. The Hot Country Knights are already set to tour with Dierks Bentley this summer on the Gravel and Gold tour. Seems like that would be the perfect time to start debuting some new tunes to their devoted fans.

The Hot Country Knights have a gift when it comes to putting a spin on common country music topics. If their new music can reach the same levels as their original album, then country music fans are in for a pleasant musical surprise.

It might be tough to hold a candle to such great Country Knights classics like the “Moose Knuckle Shuffle” or “Pick Her Up” which featured Travis Tritt, but anything new from the 90’s (?) band will be welcomed with open arms and open ears.

If you somehow happened to miss out on the hit Hot Country Knights’ songs, we’ve got you covered:

Moose Knuckle Shuffle

Pick Her Up ft. Travis Tritt

And if you have the chance to catch them on tour, make sure you don’t pass it up. Because these boys sure know how to make an entrance…

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