Pufferfish Makes Short Work Of A Crab, Wolfs It Down In Seconds


I had no idea pufferfish had this kind of ferociousness in them.

The scientific name for these marine organisms is Tetraodontidaes, but that’s not as fun as saying “pufferfish” or “blowfish,” so we’ll stick with the more entertaining names for now.

Pufferfish are known to be some of the most poisonous and dangerous vertebrates on the planet thanks to the toxic poisons they carry within their bodies. Pufferfish can be deadly to animals that eat them, and even though Japan considers their meat as a luxury, they can be fatal to humans as well if not prepared properly.

I’m not sure what I thought the “cute-but-deadly” pufferfish ate for nutrients before. However, thanks to this video, I now know that puffers mainly eat crustaceans and mollusks, and it looks like they would rather eat them alive.

This innocent looking pufferfish absolutely destroys the poor crab that is dropped into the tank with it. The hard-shelled crab didn’t ever stand a chance, and the pufferfish didn’t even ask for butter sauce and lemon on the side.

These intriguing water creatures have four large teeth that protrude from the lower and upper parts of their mouths that they utilize to crack the shells out of their natural prey. You’ll see in the video that those four teeth do quite the job of devastating the hard shell of a crab.

I hope I’m not the only person that is surprised by that…

I just figured that they ate on seaweed and what not and “puffed up” if someone got too close. Turns out these things are actually killing machines, as you’ll see in the video below where it chomps down on a crab mercilessly.

You’ve gotta feel for the crab in this video. It didn’t ask for this and it seems as though it didn’t have much time to prepare.

I don’t think the crab would have won the fight anyways, but at least give it a chance where it starts on the opposite side of the tank or something. The crab kind of gets dropped with its back to the pufferfish and never really knows what hit it.

Also notice that the pufferfish is sitting there waiting for the crab to be dropped into the tank like a dog would wait for a human to give it a treat. It’s evident that this pufferfish has eaten its fair share of live crabs in its lifetime.

Watch the horrifyingly captivating crab takedown below:

Pretty gnarly right?

I’d say the worst part is the blank (and somehow still kind of sweet) face that the pufferfish has as it eats its prey alive. No remorse, only happiness.

And it turns out that this type of stuff happens a lot. You can search “pufferfish eats crab” on YouTube and be entertained for hours.

Or you can just click on this Twitter link, watch another pufferfish viciously tear apart a crab, and then say “you know, I think that’s enough pufferfish for me today.”

Not sure why both videos have obscure pop music as ambient sound.

Maybe to lighten up the video a bit?

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