Lainey Wilson Brings Yellowstone Co-Star Ian Bohen On Stage In California: “One Of My Best Friends”

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Ryan is in the building.

Earlier this week, at a show in California, Lainey Wilson brought her Yellowstone co-star (and love interest) Ian Bohen, who plays Ryan on the show.

She introduced him to the crowd:

“I got to play a musician named Abby.

I pretty much got to be myself, I got to wear my bell bottoms, I got to sing my own songs… and I tell ya I have met some of the best people in that cast and crew.

And I got somebody here tonight, whose Abby’s true love. Y’all give it up for Ryan on Yellowstone.

This dude right here has become one of my best friends. He is one of the most talented people I have ever met on the face of the earth. He has taught me so much just from being around him. Y’all give it up for Ian Bohen.

Y’all saw us make out in episodes 6 and 7.”

Shame it didn’t work out…

Lainey Wilson Says “Angles Are So Important” During First On-Screen Kiss

I can’t say that I wouldn’t be a little bit nervous to meet Kelly Reilly, purely based on the badass character she plays on, Yellowstone, Beth Dutton.

We’ve seen time and again on the hit Paramount series just how ruthless Beth can be, both physically and verbally, so it’s understandable why Lainey Wilson’s was a little bit nervous meeting Kelly for the first time on set.

Lainey is a new cast member on the show this year, playing a musician named Abby, and her very first scene was actually with Kelly.

She recently told The Tennessean that she even told Kelly she thought she was gonna “put me in a headlock”:

“I told her when I met her, ‘I thought you were going to put me in a headlock.'”

And it’s not hard to see why she would think that…

Though, we’ve also heard many times how sweet Kelly really is (the opposite of Beth, basically), and Lainey says she even made her homemade bath salts as a gift.

Can’t say I saw that one coming, but I love it:

“But we got along great. She even gave me some handmade bath salts.”

And she also told them a little bit about her steamy first on-screen kiss with Ryan (Ian Bohen) that finally happened last night, as their romance at the Dutton Ranch is finally starting to heat up.

She says she didn’t exactly know what she was doing when it came to kissing for a TV show, but she did figure out pretty quickly how important angles are when both people are wearing cowboy hats:

“I didn’t really know what I was doing, but you go in there head-first. I was going to give people their money’s worth.

It’s definitely about leaning the head to one side; angles are so important.

And there’s another kiss coming where I take my hat off. That’s when you know you’re getting down to it.”

I have to say, I was very excited during the first episode of Season 5 when I figured out Ryan was going to be her love interest.

Going into it, she says creator Taylor Sheridan didn’t tell her which of the bunkhouse guys she would have a fling with, so I have to imagine she was quite presently surprised to find out it was him:

“All I got from him at that time was that I would play a musician who would fall in love with one of the boys. He didn’t even tell me which one.”

She added that she told her parents not to watch the show, though, because she didn’t “want to be on their prayer list” as her and Ryan take their flirting up a notch:

“I told my mommy and daddy, ‘You might not want to watch this show.’ I don’t want to be on their prayer list.”

Lainey has also been debuting new songs on previous episodes of the show, like “Smell Like Smoke” and “New Friends,” and on last night’s episode, in addition to flirting with Ryan, she performed two other tunes at the annual branding, my favorite “Watermelon Moonshine,” as well as “Hold My Halo.”

The new ones are being retroactively added to the tracklist for her recent fourth studio album Bell Bottom Country, as well, and if you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete through all episodes of Season 5, then look no further.

Our Yellowstone: The Soundtrack Playlist, featuring every song from every episode, updated in real time, every Sunday night.


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“Watermelon Moonshine”

“Hold My Halo”

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