Lainey Wilson Debuts New Song, “Smell Like Smoke,” On ‘Yellowstone’ Last Night During Bar Performance

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Yellowstone has the absolute best music soundtrack on TV, and it’s not particularly close.

Of course, creator Taylor Sheridan and the team that works on the hit show consistently bring some of the best artists and songs country music has to offer to the hit show for millions of viewers to discover for the first time.

And Miss Lainey Wilson, who’s a new cast member this year playing a musician named Abby, debuted a brand new song on the show last night called “Smell Like Smoke.”

She plays it during a gig at the Crystal Bar in Bozeman, Montana, when the bunkhouse crew, Rip and Beth go out to celebrate Lloyd’s birthday. Of course, if you watched the show last night, then you know things didn’t end well, but we did get to see Lainey sing before things went south.

We also got to see her and Ryan, who’s her love interest this season, continuing their flirting as she gives in and lets him buy her a drink and dance with her during a break in her set.

The song is now included on the tracklist of Lainey’s recent fourth studio album Bell Bottom Countryand is right in her wheelhouse about having fun, getting rowdy and letting loose:

“If I I look a little drunk, it’s ’cause I drank some
If my neck’s a little red, it’s ’cause I am one
Heaven’s where I’m gonna go, the Bible says so on my shelf
But if I smell like smoke, it’s only ’cause I’vе been through hell”

This is the fourth song she’s now had featured on the hit series, with more to come on Season 5 as she continues in her new role on the show.

Lainey just don’t miss…

“Smell Like Smoke”

We also heard some great tunes from 49 Winchester, Vincent Neil Emerson and Isaac Hoskins on episode 3 yesterday, which you can check out below.

If you’re looking for the entire Yellowstone soundtrack, complete through all episodes of Season 4, then look no further.

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