Lainey Wilson Says Yellowstone’s Kelly Reilly (AKA Beth Dutton) Is “One Of The Nicest People I’ve Ever Met”

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Lainey Wilson has quickly made a name for herself as arguably the best up and coming country artists in the game right now, and definitely one of the best personalities in all of modern day country music.

Along with her quick rise in popularity amongst all sorts of country fans, it’s landed her a spot in the most popular TV show in America right now, Yellowstone. 

She made the announcement last week, as Taylor Sheridan chose her to play a musician named Abby for Season Five of the hit show.

Wilson told The Highway:

“This is the first time I’ve said it out loud. So this is my first interview since we announced, this is my first time I’m sayin’ it, I’m gonna be a co-star on season five ‘Yellowstone.’

You know, she’s gonna be a musician and so I get to play my songs too, it’s perfect. Taylor Sheridan, the writer and producer of the show, called me back in February and was like, ‘I’m creating a character specifically for you.’

And I’m like, ‘Thank God and thank you Taylor Sheridan. It’s a blessing.”

With that being said, Wilson went further in-depth as to how she got the role of “Abby” while being interviewed by ET:

“They’ve put three of my songs on the show so far, and they’ve just been good to me. They were a fan of my music and they did that for me.

Then Taylor Sheridan the writer and producer, reached out to me in February, which I’ve become friends with him a few years from that, he called and said ‘I want to create a character specifically for you,’ and I said ‘You sure you want to do that?’ 

I’m gonna get to be a musician, so I’ll be able to share more of my music on the show. He (Taylor Sheridan) told me.”

As far as her favorite character goes… it’s Beth Dutton.

Fierce and intimidating, Beth Dutton takes no prisoners… but according to Lainey, Kelly Reilly (the actress who plays Beth) couldn’t be more opposite:

“She was already my favorite but after meeting her and hanging out with her, she’s actually one of the nicest people I’ve ever met in my entire life, which was shocking, because she is tough mama jama… she will cut you.

“But she told me, she was like, ‘I was hoping you’d be my first friend on the show.'”

From a hit making country singer, to a Yellowstone actress.

Just stacking that resume up a mile high.

Watch her perform live from the Dutton Ranch:

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