Zach Bryan Spotlights Up and Coming Artist, Slade Coulter, In Episode 3 Of ‘The Belting Bronco’

You just gotta love Zach Bryan.

After his rapid ascent into grassroots stardom, he still kept his head when many wouldn’t, never being afraid to share the spotlight with his friends, or give credit where it’s due.

Now it seems he wants to share the love a little more.

Zach previously posted two videos recorded in the back of his Ford Bronco, one of him playing “Oklahoma City” and one of his good friend JR Carroll playing an original song “Stay,” but this one introduces a new dimension to the Belting Bronco.

Slade Coulter is a rising singer/songwriter from Texas who has released a single, “Walk Back Home” and an EP, Here We Go Again. In this session, he sings his song “Take It Out On Me,” heart breaking song about a guy who knows he’s no good and has ruined the perfect women in his life, but also knows neither one of them is going to leave.

Just read the first two verses and choruses…

“Time it only grows the space between us
So go get all dressed up and play your part
You can always see the toll you take on me
It hurts but baby don’t take it to heart
Cause honey you can’t fix what you can’t fathom
Take down your hair and turn off the TV
You can stay upstairs all night and let the anger take your mind
Or you can lose that dress and take it out on me.

So let’s be honest for the sake of changing
Baby you don’t have the guts to leave
You hate me but you know you’ll never ever let me go
So take it out on me.”

I’d never heard of Slade before this, but he’s for sure on my radar now. Plus, with a name like that, he’s gotta be good. It’s just one of those things.

Can’t wait to see what else Zach has cooking up for us down the road.

And here’s a little impromptu Turnpike from Zach and Slade.

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A beer bottle on a dock