Zach Bryan Drops Incredible Teaser Of New ‘Belting Bronco’ Episode With Charles Wesley Godwin Singing “Jamie”

Zach Bryan Charles Wesley Godwin country music

The Belting Bronco series is BACK.

And it looks like it’s better than ever.

Zach Bryan shared a new teaser of himself and his friend, the great Charles Wesley Godwinsinging their fan-favorite murder ballad “Jamie,” saying it was part of a forthcoming episode.

The song was released as part of Zach’s Summertime Blues EP in July, and is about a man who lost the love of his life and hasn’t been able to cope with her loss. He goes out to a bar, has too much to drink, and decides to drive to where is former flame is buried and ends up in trouble with the law, ultimately losing his own life as a result.

And of course, when you pair that dark storyline with Charles’ haunting, rich vocals, it simply just doesn’t get any better (and they recorded it in less than 30 minutes, believe it or not).

Zach previously featured artists like Kat Hasty and Slade Coulter on his The Belting Bronco YouTube series, where musicians cruise down some old backroads in Oklahoma performing songs in the back of his old Ford Bronco.

But it was pretty short-lived early last year unfortunately, and it looks like they’re kicking it up a notch this time, as not only were Zach and Charles jamming in the Bronco, but Charles’ entire band Allegheny High was being pulled behind them on a flatbed.

Stay tuned for the full episode, this already sounds incredible…

“belting bronco is back.”


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