Director Shares First Photo From ‘Joker’ Sequel, And Joaquin Phoenix Looks Insanely Thin

Joaquin phoenix joker

Joaquin Phoenix is back at it again, taking on the role of Arthur Fleck for the Joker sequel, Joker: Folie à Deux.

But fans have been shocked by the early releases of images showing Joaquin back down to his emaciated weight from the previous film. If you aren’t familiar with the original Joker film, Joaquin took on the lead and displayed an award-winning performance.

His acting methodology is intense, and for this particular role he “takes on” the emotional baggage of Fleck in order to show viewers another side of the infamous villain, The Joker. But the role also led to him losing more than 50 pounds.

This insane reduction of weight had to happen happen rather quickly and required extreme dietary limitations, though Joaquin had guidance and monitoring from the best medical professionals.

Much like the notorious character and actions of the Joker, a Men’s Health interview with the actor suggests that his weight loss journey is:

“Something that should not be emulated in real life.”

Joaquin even shared that he basically drooled over a bag of pretzels the director had in his office at one point in the weight loss sequence.

When viewers saw The Joker film in its entirety they were shocked by the complete body change that had occurred in the actor. And due to mental health concerns surrounding the death of former Joker actor, Heath Ledger, it’s easy to understand the shock wave that circulated concerning Joaquin.

Now, in the midst of filming the sequel, it has become evident that Joaquin has again lost a tremendous amount of weight to reemerge as the Joker.

And although we won’t see the end result until October of 2024, a photo released by the movie’s director shows Joaquin mid-scene and shirtless, lying down and looking shockingly thin.

For many fans his frail body causes alarm, but for others the weight loss and method acting endured for this particular role only show Joaquin’s continued dedication to play the most popular villain of all time.

The intensity of his acting methods is something he’s become known for over time, and it’s the same level of dedication that won him a Golden Globe, a SAG award and a Best Actor Oscar for the first production.

I think we are in for a treat with this sequel.


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