Zach Bryan Finds Gratitude In Life On The Road This Year With Another New Song, “Greatest Day Of My Life”

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I’ll tell you what, that Zach Bryan just doesn’t slow down.

As if releasing his debut studio album American Heartbreak, putting out his Summertime Blues EP, and releasing quite a few other stand-alone singles along the way wasn’t enough this year, he’s back with another single called “Greatest Day of My Life.”

And I’m not mad about it one bit…

It has that simple, classic production we’re used to hearing from Zach, where he details a lot of the places he’s seen and things he’s done on this whirlwind of a year on his extensive American Heartbreak tour trek.

He notes in the lyrics that he played pool in Colorado after it snowed all night, referencing his recent Red Rocks debut where it dumped snow on everyone for the entire show, and also his recent headlining appearance at Greenville Country Music Fest, where it torrentially down-poured during his set, which made for an incredible performance.

He also notes that his friend and opener Charles Wesley Godwin gets better every week on stage, and I see absolutely no lies there:

“I had the greatest day of my life,
wrote up a single in a New York high-rise,
how the city makes a country boy dream,
played pool in Colorado after snow all night,
it rained in Carolina but we played just fine, Charles is always better than last week,

what did I do to deserve all this?
A roof over my head and a band that don’t miss,
a healthy dog that hugs me when I’m home,
nowadays I don’t feel so alone,
it can’t get better, but what have I ever known?”

It’s pretty obvious that he wrote this one within the last couple days, and it’s refreshing to hear all of it essentially in real-time. No other artist is putting out music at this quality, and this rate, right now like he is.

Zach is certainly in a league of his own, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know.

This one is all heart, and a fun peak into his thoughts on his wild ride this year and how thankful he is to be where he’s at in this exact moment:

Zach and the boys will make their last tour stop of the year this Friday in San Diego, and he plans to donate every single cent, from ticket and merch sales, to victims of PTSD and their families.

And in case you missed it, here’s his epic encore of “Revival” in the pouring rain from South Carolina over the weekend:

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