Zach Bryan Delivers Epic Finale At Greenville Country Music Fest, Performs “Revival” In The Pouring Rain

Zach bryan country music

Zach Bryan absolutely left it all out on the stage during his set at Greenville Country Music Fest on Saturday night.

Me and some of the others from the Whiskey Riff team were able to be at the festival all weekend long, and had a great time meeting everyone who stopped by the tent to get a shirt or say hello.

And I could go on about how epic the performances were across the board, like the man himself Charles Wesley Godwin, who also absolutely crushed it on the main stage earlier in the day:

We battled torrential rain for much of our time on Saturday too, until it cleared off around the time CWG took the stage (which you can tell from how slippery it looks in that video), and we thought we were in the clear for the rest of the evening.

But, we weren’t quite that lucky, and it ended up absolutely pouring towards the end of Zach’s incredible headlining set, with the skies opening up right as he got into the encore and fan-favorite song “Revival.”

Of course, he took it all in stride, and it ended up being one of the most epic shows I’ve ever seen because a little (actually a lot) of rain didn’t stop anyone from having the time of their life on one of his last tour stops of the year.

He also took to Twitter after the show to talk about what a great night it was:

“20 hours of sleep later, thank you guys SO much for baring through that rain with me. A night I’ll never forget.”

I mean, I could keep trying to tell you how damn amazing it was, but I don’t think words quite do it justice, because in this case, you have to see it for yourself.

And make sure you watch until around the 8:15 mark to see Zach and his steel/banjo player Read let loose and let it rip, playing their instruments laying down on the catwalk in the pouring rain.

The fans are absolutely loving every minute of it, and the rain added such a cool element (literally) to a truly incredible night.

I mean, talk about an almost religious experience…

Epic is really the only word that comes to mind here:

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