Zach Bryan’s Performance Of “Snow” At Red Rocks While It’s Dumping Snow Is Absolutely Incredible

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Zach Bryan had quite a show at Red Rocks Amphitheater last night.

He wound up having to cut it a little bit short, and also had to cut opener Charles Wesley Godwin (though he did bring him out later on to play a few songs), because snow was dumping on fans in the famous outdoor venue in Morrison, Colorado.

But honestly, it sounds like the freezing temperatures and buckets of snow made for a once in a lifetime show, as Zach and his band managed to run through some of his biggest hits for fans on the last stop of his American Heartbreak tour.

He also hoped to record a live album there, but hinted it may not be possible if the weather was bad enough, and from what I can tell, unfortunately, I don’t think happened, but I’m sure he’ll get it done at some point at another show next year.

And out of all the cool videos that have been coming in from last night, possibly the best is his performance of “Snow,” as snow was dumping down on fans and Zach lit up the stage with one of his many fan-favorite’s.

I mean, talk about an almost religious experience:

Zach also addressed an unhappy fan on Twitter who was upset the show had to be modified, saying that the parks department told him he needed to to cancel the concert earlier that morning, but he insisted that wasn’t possible because so many people already had plans to be there:

He also thanked everyone for coming and sticking it out in a blizzard:

I think seeing Zach on the last stop of his extensive tour was probably worth baring a little chill in the air for two hours or so…


Here’s a little of Zach and CWG’s duet of “Jamie”:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock