Minnesota Woman & Her Dog Collide With Deer… Car Bursts Into Flames

Deer car flames
Isanti County Sheriff's Office

We’ve all either known somebody who has hit a deer with their car, or have experienced it ourselves.

If you live in a relatively rural area, then you know you have to drive extra careful late at night, because the chances of a deer sprinting right out in front of your car are pretty high.

I’ve never experienced this before, aside from a few dangerously close encounters, but I’ve seen some of my friends’ cars get absolutely tore up by a deer, and the mechanic bill is pretty daggum high.

However, I will say I’ve never seen anything like this before…

A woman and her dog were driving along Highway 47 just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota, when a deer ran out in front of the car around 7:30 AM.

A Facebook post that was shared on the Isanti County Sheriff’s Office page identified the woman as Pam Vandersteen.

After making contact with the buck in her Dodge Journey, a man helped remove her belongings from the vehicle, when all of a sudden the Journey went up in flames.

Luckily enough, both Vandersteen and her dog, Paisley, were able to leave the seen unharmed, and Paisley even got to hangout in a squad car once police and the fire department arrived on scene.

Unfortunately, the buck didn’t make it, and responding officers had to shut down the road as the fire was taken care of.

Vandersteen shared a comment to the post that read:

“Thank you to the officer and state trooper who were on scene. Paisley (my dog) sends her thanks to the officer that let her sit in her squad car.

Thank you to the firefighter that made me laugh and to all the firefighters that helped die out the fire. A big thank you to my daughter Bri Morell for the ride home. Thank you everyone.”

Outdoor Life shared that there have been 6,218 deer collisions in Minnesota from 2016 to 2020, according to the Minnesota Department of Public Safety’s Office of Traffic Safety.

18 of the collisions resulted in deaths, and 124 resulted in serious injury, with all 18 of the deaths occurring on motorcycles.

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