Cody Jinks Recalls Sleeping In Campgrounds Before He Could Afford A Tour Bus: “For Weeks & Weeks At A Time”

Cody Jinks country music

It’s been pretty wild to see the success Cody Jinks has garnered over his lengthy career.

Although the independent country artist dropped his debut studio album Less Wise back in 2010, it wasn’t until his breakout hit “Loud and Heavy” back in 2015 that truly put him on the map across the nation.

Needless to say, I can guarantee Jinks would’ve never fathomed the success he’d see 12 years down the line back in 2010.

With that being said, the 42-year-old recently sat down for an interview with CMT, and put things in perspective about just how far he has come… And boy, he’s come a long way.

He explained what life was like before he could afford a tour bus:

“I wasn’t on a bus until I was 36 years old. This is not something I’ve been riding around on for the last 15 years. Being able to actually have somebody drive you around on a bus… we used to sleep in campgrounds in the motor home for weeks and weeks and weeks at a time, driving ourselves around the country up and down and left and right.

Sitting on this bus right now, every time I look at this damn thing, I think, ‘Holy shit.'”

Before Jinks began to pursue a career in country music back in 2005, he played in a thrash metal band in the late ’90s.

During that time, he talked about how his wife, Rebecca, was the breadwinner of the family as he tried to kickstart his career in country music, and how big it was for him to finally be able to take out loans without her having to co-sign:

“My wife always had to be the main signer because she made the money, and I didn’t have a real job. When I got to start putting my name on things I was paying for, and I was in my mid-thirties where I was able to do that, so probably about six or seven years ago, that’s when I knew.”

Now that he’s finally been able to put the majority of financial struggles behind him, he also teased some “big” news happening in the future with his music career, along with his label, Late August Records:

“There’s some really big, like big, big life-changing things that are probably going to be happening pretty soon as far as things that I’ve wanted to do for a long time about getting my own record label going.

I’ve been passionate about Late August Records for a long time, and it looks like we’re about to strike a deal to be able to get that going.”

So, I guess stay tuned to see what those “big life-changing things” are.

Although Jinks has always preached that “Somewhere In The Middle” is just fine, it looks like he might be at the mountaintop in the very near future.

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