Riley Green Drops Two New Singles, “I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight” And “Get Back Home”

Riley Green country music

It’s always nice to wake up to two new singles from Riley Green.

He just dropped a pair of brand new tunes that he’d teased earlier this week, “Get Back Home” and “I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight.”

“Get Back Home” is a simple little country song that finds him detailing a breakup and encouraging the girl to go back to her guy and give the relationship another chance, because she clearly misses so many things about what they were together.

But my favorite of the two is “I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight,” which is a little more upbeat where he’s wondering where his ex might be out partying lately now that they’re over. It’s also a bit of a different sound from him than we’re used to, which is a nice change since it’s been so long since we’ve had a lot of new music from the Alabama native.

And though Riley has yet to officially announce a new project, he dropped three other singles prior to these two today (“Miles On Main,” “Wild Woman” and “Hell Of A Way To Go”), so it seems likely that a formal announcement is coming very soon.

We already know he’s been in the studio working on something, and his debut studio album Different ‘Round Here dropped three years ago now back in 2019, so I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re ready for RG2.

“I Hope She’s Drinkin’ Tonight”

“Get Back Home”

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