Luke Combs And Miranda Lambert Try To Escape The Memory Of A Former Flame On New Duet, “Outrunnin’ Your Memory”

Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert are posing for a picture

Not that I’m surprised, but “Outrunnin’ Your Memory” is easily my early favorite on Luke Combs’ new album, Growin’ Up.

His third career studio record is out everywhere today, and features just one collaboration on the tracklist with the great Miranda Lambert.

The pair wrote it alongside Dan Isbell, and Luke recently told Billboard that they were inspired by the general idea of “when it rains in Seattle”:

“When me and Miranda were tossing song ideas back in forth, I ended up on this ‘When it rains in Seattle thing,’ and she was like, ‘I love that idea.’”

Then, when it came time to actually record the song in-studio, Luke knew they had no other option but to get Miranda in on the vocals, too:

“When we were going in the studio, I was like, ‘I gotta cut this song. It was never like, ‘Man, it’s gonna be this duet, and we’re gonna do this.’

It was like, ‘We gotta have her on this song, right? It’s too good, and she’s too good, not to do it.’”

It’s a good old fashioned country breakup tune, where both parties find themselves unable to move on, as they hit the bars and go out in search of respite from the pain, only to be reminded of their ex by almost everything they see.

And the very first verse opens up strong with a George Strait reference, which is always great in my book:

“You’d love this bar
I stumbled on
They play George Strait
And they pour their double strong
I’ve been gone
For two weeks now
There’s some missing you
In every little town…”

It also sounds like it could’ve fit right in on Miranda’s own recent studio album, Palomino, as they detail all the places they’re going to try and forget what used to be.

And to have these two superstars on one song?

It’s the easy standout for me, and when it comes time to choose another single (after “The Kind Of Love We Make” inevitably becomes Luke’s 14th #1), this seems like a no-brainer pick.

It perfectly blends both their writing styles and unique versions of country music, so it’s safe to say that I’m gonna need a whole lot more of Luke and Miranda writing together going forward…

“Outrunnin’ Your Memory” will be on repeat all weekend long:

Growin’ Up tracklist:

1. Doin’ This
2. Any Given Friday Night
3. The Kind Of Love We Make
4. On The Other Line
5. Outrunnin’ Your Memory
6. Used To Wish I Was
7. Better Back When
8. Tomorrow Me
9. Ain’t Far From It
10. Call Me
11. Middle Of Somewhere
12. Going, Going, Gone

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