Luke Combs On Including Miranda Lambert Duet On ‘Growin’ Up’ Tracklist: “It’s Too Good, And She’s Too Good, Not To Do It”

Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert are posing for a picture

I think I might be more excited than anyone for this Luke Combs and Miranda Lambert duet on “Outrunnin’ Your Memory.”

And not just because I called it before it was even announced

They’re two of my favorite artists in mainstream country music, and like I said before, I think they might be the kickass duo we never even knew we needed.

And Luke recently talked to GMA at a press meeting about the duet that will appear on his third career studio album, Growin’ Up, that’s slated to drop in a few short weeks on June 24th.

Apparently, they didn’t even go into their writing session thinking they would pen a duet, they just wanted to write a damn good country song:

“We wrote that song together, and it wasn’t like we sat down to write a duet. I didn’t plan to have her on my album and she didn’t plan for us to write a song for hers.

There were no intentions in the songwriting other than, ‘Let’s go write a song that we both think is really good.'”

Of course, when it came time to start picking songs to record and narrow down that final tracklist, there was no way Luke could pass up the chance to feature Miranda on the song:

“When we were going in the studio, I was like, ‘I gotta cut this song. It was never like, ‘Man, it’s gonna be this duet, and we’re gonna do this.’

It was like, ‘We gotta have her on this song, right? It’s too good, and she’s too good, not to do it.'”

Like me, Luke has always admired Miranda as a great songwriter, and appreciates what an authentic artist she is when it comes to her fantastic catalog of music:

“She’s somebody I’ve looked up to for so long as a songwriter. And what she does as an artist is, I think, super authentic and amazing as well.”

I haven’t heard the song yet, but I already have a feeling it’s gonna be a hit… there is no realm of the universe in which these two don’t write a straight up banger.

But before we get to hear that glorious duet, Luke previously announced that the fan-favorite unreleased track, “The Kind of Love We Make,” will drop on Friday, June 17th.

Here’s the acoustic teaser from last year:

Growin’ Up tracklist:

1. Doin’ This
2. Any Given Friday Night
3. The Kind Of Love We Make
4. On The Other Line
5. Outrunnin’ Your Memory
6. Used To Wish I Was
7. Better Back When
8. Tomorrow Me
9. Ain’t Far From It
10. Call Me
11. Middle Of Somewhere
12. Going, Going, Gone

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