Boaters Use A Paddle To Rescue Baby Eagle Stuck In Weedy Waters Of Wisconsin Lake

If you spend time out there, you’re bound to come across some crazy stuff.

The sad truth is nature is a cruel beast, just about everything is trying to kill these creatures that we all love to see.

Seeing an animal in a predicament that is life threatening is never something we want to see, but that doesn’t mean its not cool to see someone rescue them at the same time.

Eagles thrive around water. Their amazing vision and great hunting abilities makes them very successful at catching fish. We’ve all seen it.

But, with these environments there are bound to be some drawbacks and sticky situations for the eagles to get themselves into.

A few boaters captured a video of this eagle that was stuck in a marshy area of the water… basically the weedy edges of a lake. It couldn’t get out, the bird is stuck and struggling for its life.

One of the boaters gets their paddle underneath the eagle and starts to pry it out. The eagle gets free enough to climb onto the paddle.

Clearly, the bird has been there a while and doesn’t have the energy to fly away so they bring it right into the boat as it gets its wits about him.

The people try to feed it some fish and he has a few bites. Since it won’t fly off they decide to take him to higher ground and take off across the lake to a dock.

“Ya know, I don’t think anyone would believe us if we told them, but you know what we have it on video”

They take him across the lake and the eagle tries to get himself all dried out and seems to be doing better as time goes on. The boaters get him to the dock and leave him with an easy meal in hopes that he gets the energy to take off again.

This is as cool as a wildlife encounter gets.

Hats off to these folks for helping the bird out.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock