Pat Green Timelines A Growing Relationship In A Bar In New “Build You A Bar” Music Video

Pat Green continues to prove that he hasn’t missed a beat over his extensive country music career, as he’s released a number of singles in preparation for his upcoming album, Miles and Miles of You.

The Texas country powerhouse has dropped the album’s title-track, “All In This Together,” “Build You a Bar,” and most recently, “Steady.”

A personal favorite of mine of the four thus far is “Build You a Bar,” as it’s a fiddle driven, sentimental song written for Green’s wife, as he sings about everything her ideal bar would consist of, in an effort to get to know her better and grow their relationship.

“I guess building a bar at any time is a pretty good idea…but if I could build a bar for my girl… this is exactly how I would describe it.”

With that being said, the official music video for the song dropped today.

The video displays Green sitting on a barstool in a dim-lit bar, while also showing the timeline of a couple meeting at the bar for the first time.

It then shows the couple’s relationship continue to grow, from birthdays, slow dances, good times with friends, a wedding proposal, and a gender reveal. Finally, the two show up with their little girl to the same bar years down the road, only to find that the bar is shutdown.

However, that’s not enough to take the memories away.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock