Matt Stafford Turns And Walks Away After Photographer Takes A Nasty Fall Off Stage, Fracturing Her Spine

Matt Stafford

Amidst the Los Angeles Rams’ underwhelming Super Bowl parade party, a video has gone viral of a photographer videoing quarterback Matt Stafford and his wife Kelly.

As she was videoing the two, she backed up a bit too far, and took a really bad fall.

However, the most surprising part was Stafford’s reaction…

As soon as she fell, the quarterback quickly turned and walked away, as his wife pretty much stood there in shock.


Granted Stafford is probably drunk off his ass, but still, you kind of look like a piece of shit dude. And now that we know what happened to her, it looks even worse…

Needless to say, it must not have been a short fall, because the photographer, who’s been identified as sports photographer Kelly Smiley, announced on Twitter that she had fractured her spine and broke both of her cameras from the fall.

With that being said, Kelly’s friends have started a GoFundMe to help raise money for the hospital bills and her broken cameras.

You hate to see something like this happen to anybody, especially somebody who was just doing her job and trying to get the best angle before taking a misstep.

You can find the GoFundMe HERE, but as of right now, they’ve already raised more than $20,000 of the $30,000 goal.

Maybe Matt can dip into that Super Bowl bonus money and help the lady out. I’d say that’s the least you could do, but we all know the least he could’ve done is not walk away…

Thankfully, his wife Kelly was there to help out.

Have a water Matt…

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