Matt Stafford On Being Hungover AF & Having To Take His Kids To Disneyland The Day After Winning The Super Bowl: “It’s Rude”

Matt Stafford Los Angeles rams

When you have kids… being hungover is brutal.

There’s no understanding, no compassion, no “gimme a few minutes,” no nothing… no matter who much your head is pounding, you have to drag your ass outta bed and take care of those kids.

And if you’re Matt Stafford, the Super Bowl winning quarterback of the Los Angeles Rams… not only did you wake up the day after winning the Super Bowl with probably the worst hangover of your life… we’re talking booze, cigars, zero sleep… you gotta take your four kids to Disneyland with the rest of the team.

You just won the Super Bowl and your reward? Drag your hungover ass and all your children to fucking Disneyland…

Needless to say, he wasn’t happy about… and it didn’t look like the rest of the team was up for it either.

On just an hour of sleep, Matt got up to record an episode of his wife’s podcast, The Morning After with Kelly Stafford (another thing I’m not doing hungover… sorry honey), and he let Disney know exactly how he was feeling about it.

When Kelly mentioned that they had to go to Disneyland with their kids today, she said she didn’t understand why they do it the very next day.

Matt chimed in calling it downright rude:

“Disney’s not sponsoring the podcast, I don’t even feel obligated to say ‘thank you’ because it’s just rude to do to somebody.

‘Congratulations on winning the Super Bowl and partying your you-know-whats off, I can’t wait for you to bring your four kids screaming here tomorrow. I just hope you can act happy.’”

Man, somebody get this man a Pedialyte…

The most hungover place on Earth…

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