The Los Angeles Rams Continue Their Pathetic Super Bowl Celebrations…

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In case you live in Los Angeles and haven’t heard, your LA Rams are 2022 Super Bowl Champions, after defeating the Cincinnati Bengals 23-20 this past Sunday.

The reason I say this, is because it appears that at least 80% of LA’s population has no clue that the Rams won, or they don’t even know they have an NFL team in their city.

From quarterback Matt Stafford’s wife begging fans not to sell their tickets for the NFC Championship game, to the saddest “Super Bowl pep rally” I’ve ever seen in my life (it looked like a glorified 1A high school football pep rally), and not to mention, hardly anybody showed up for their public Super Bowl celebration.

I mean, look at this madhouse…

And this adds even more insult to injury…

According to LAist, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti issued a press release, stating that they were going to briefly transform the iconic Hollywood sign into the words “RAMS HOUSE,” in honor of the team’s win.

However, here they are two days later, and the words spell something completely different than what was originally promised.

The words on the sign spelled out, “RALLYOUSE.”

I know, I know, it’s still a work in progress as they try to get all of the correct words together, but damn.

You would’ve thought the city would’ve made it a priority to get this done as quick as possible…

At the rate they’re going, it could take another week.

Also, can we acknowledge the fact that “Rally House” sounds like that shitty bar you’d go to in college that doesn’t actually close until 5 AM, selling .50 cent Old Milwaukees, half off Jäger Bombs, and have gotten in trouble with sled for letting underage kids in?

Some bad weather has caused the delay in the sign formation, but still a sad sight to see.

Not to mention, the sign read “RALLYWOSE” on Monday.

The sign effort is a partnership between the city, the Rams, the Hollywood Sign Trust, and the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, and due to the last minute decision, the sign hasn’t come together timely as planned, according to the Hollywood Sign Trust.

Mayor Garcetti said in a statement Sunday, discussing the sign:

“This town has the best teams and fans in the world, and we can’t wait to show off our L.A. pride with a display that only Hollywood could deliver.”

“Best teams and fans in the world,” c’mon Garcetti, you don’t have to lie through your teeth like that.

They finally got it up but… still, pretty damn hard to read.

Does that say “RAMSHWOSE”?

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