Morgan Wade Releases Knockout Live Performance Of “Take Me Away”

Give me anything and everything Morgan Wade straight into the veins.

She’s been on fire for quite a while now, most recently with some live performances of songs from her stellar debut album Reckless, and also covering Springsteen’s “I’m On Fire” just for kicks.

Well, she’s back with a stand out track from Reckless. 

“Take Me Away” is by far the most vulnerable song from the project. Morgan is known for her gritty vocals and kind of harsh, matter of fact lyrical phrasing, so at first listen… this love song might feel out of place.

But the more you hear it, you realize the project as a whole is the evolution of her life, the ups and downs and the emotions that get bundled up in the process.

The song actually isn’t out of place, it’s right at home, just the farthest swing of the pendulum opposite the hard and gritty.

“Lay me down on the floor in the kitchen
Show my angry heart what I’ve been missing
Baby, take me away
I’m so tired of being alone
Won’t you rest my angry bones?
Baby, take me away
I wanna feel something
Take me away”

Morgan Wade, ladies and gentlemen… that’s all I’ve got.

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A beer bottle on a dock