Morgan Wade Stuns With Release Of Debut Album ‘Reckless’

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Ladies and gentlemen, it’s the moment we’ve been waiting for…

Morgan Wade’s debut album, Reckless, is now available for our listening pleasure. Produced by Sadler Vaden, guitarist for Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit, it’s the first solo studio project released by the ultra-talented singer/songwriter, all but guaranteed to be a launch pad for what’s shaping up to be one hell of a career.

A mix of new songs and one’s fans like me found on YouTube over the years, Morgan wrote every cut, some with help from Sadler and Paul Ebersold. Up and down this record, the gritty ethos of Morgan’s voice and story jumps out of the speakers and slaps you right in the face.

Exhibit A: “Mend”

“Mend” is actually a re-release of a song from her Puppets with My Heart album, a Morgan Wade & The Stepbrothers project, and absolutely gets me every time. As personal and raw as it gets, Morgan’s voice amplifies the sad in the words and shines light on the inner battles she hasn’t been afraid to show.

“Turn that car around
You don’t need to be leaving me now
Come to bed and I will shut my mouth
‘Cause I don’t know what’s wrong with me
But you came along and finally I see
The type of love I know I need
No words spoken, I’m so broken
I hope you can mend me”


“Northern Air,” one of the brand-new songs, seemingly a continuation of the “Wilder Days” storyline.

Maybe a few years after the fling with the older guy from Chicago ended, she talks about being drunk in the back of a bar, stains on a dress bought to impress him and the lingering surprise that her opening up to him upset him. I’ve always been a fan of extended storylines that cross songs and even albums, so this was exciting to hear and further proof that Morgan isn’t just a singer, but a phenomenal songwriter.

“So tell me
Tell me, how’s that northern air
And do you think of me when you’re all alone?
Won’t you bring yourself on home?

There’s a red wine stain on my white dress
That I bought to impress you
That night that I confessed my truth
Didn’t know it would upset you
I haven’t seen you in so long
But after all this time, these feelings, they’re not gone”

“Northern Air”

So yeah, gonna have this record on repeat for quite awhile…

Hop on the Morgan Wade train and hold on, it’s about to turn into a runaway to the top real fast…

“Don’t Cry”

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