Yellowstone Season 4: Episode 3 Reveals The Architect Of The Attack On The Dutton Family

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The wait is over.

Ever since the Season 3 finale, the burning question on every Yellowstone fan’s mind  has been… who done it?

Who shot up John Dutton? Whos attacked Kayce Dutton? Who tried to blow up Beth Dutton? And who is responsible for the attacks on the Dutton Ranch?

Over a year of anticipation, a handful of different suspects, a number of obvious motives, and the architect behind the hit is none other than…

This guy?

John Dutton Attacked yellowstone

If you’re wondering who the hell this guy is, you’re not alone… even John Dutton had no idea who he was.

Apparently, his name is Riggins and he’s currently locked up in state prison, so who really knows what he has against John and the Dutton family. Mo said he knew who John was, but then again, everybody does.

Checkers, the piece of shit hog-tied in the back of Mo’s SUV, says that he and Riggins were cellmates in prison when Riggins received a request for the hit.

Checkers gathered the men (the militia from Season 2) to carry out the attacks, but when John asks who gave the order to Riggins, Checkers keeps quiet.

Okay, so that answers who orchestrated the hit, and it answers who assembled the team, but that still doesn’t answer who ordered it? Who called up Riggins in the pen and said, “take this mf’er out”?

Personally, I don’t think the folks of Market Equities holler at dudes in state prison to carry out hits for them… I mean, if you have million and millions of dollars, are you hiring some scumbag criminal you snagged from the local prison? No, you’re calling in professionals.

To me, this sounds much more like the way an ex-con, wife-killing piece of trash like Garrett Randall would operate.

I guess we’ll see… stay tuned.

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