Yellowstone Season 4: Who’s Responsible For The Attacks On The Dutton Family?

Yellowstone Season 4
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Paramount Network finally opened up on the highly-anticipated premiere of Yellowstone Season 4.

Set to premiere Sunday, November 7th, we left off with that epic cliffhanger of a Season 3 finale, have a TON of questions…

Primarily… who is still alive, and who did it?

With the release of the new teaser we do know that Rip stumbles upon John when he’s still alive… for how long, we don’t know. We also know that based on the new cast of characters, a young boy comes to the ranch because of Beth, so she’s presumably alive as well.

So that brings us to the possible suspects…

Based on the evidence and a number of fan theories, we have four main culprits/ groups of culprits.

So without further ado, here’s what I think:

Jamie Dutton and/or Garrett Randle

We know Jamie recently found out he was adopted and sought out his biological father Garrett Randall (played by Will Patton) who revealed how he killed Jamie’s crackhead mother after he discovered an infant Jamie sucking on a crack pipe.

He also told Jamie, “You’re a Randall and killing is our only gift,” in addition to “Yellowstone ain’t a ranch, it’s an empire and empire’s you take.” And when Jamie asks how, Garrett says simply, “You kill the king.”

And finally, when Rip called Jamie because he couldn’t find anybody at the Ranch, Jamie told Rip not to call him anymore.

Does that mean Jamie and or his father pulled off the attacks on John, Beth and Kayce? Not necessarily, but it sure would make it seem so.

My personal opinion is Jamie doesn’t have the stones to do it. Yeah, he killed once when it meant protecting the John, but does he have what it takes to kill the family that raised him? I don’t think so.

Did Randall act alone? Maybe, but I also don’t see him having the money to carry out a hit like that. Hitmen aren’t cheap (well, unless you’re Joe Exotic… but we all know how that went.)

Roarke Morris And Willa Hayes

Roarke, Hayes and the folks of Market Equities are the “bad guys” of Season 3, which will presumably carry over into Season 4. And we all know the gloves came off in the final meeting with the Governor.

Roarke tells Willa that this didn’t “feel like a land deal in Montana,” and Willa responds, “it feels like an oil deal in Yemen, and from now on, that’s how we treat it.”

How to do you treat oil deals in Yemen? Well, I don’t know, but something tells me explosives aren’t off the table.

The one question about this would be… how did they get that setup so fast? If that meeting at the Governor’s office goes well, there’s really no need for any of it, right? Seems like these attacks would be way more premeditated.

Rainwater and/or Angela Blue Thunder

This is an interesting one.

Ultimately, I think the theory about John giving the land to the Rainwater and the Broken Rock Indian Reservation as a means to get it federally protected (knowing that Tate has Native American blood) has a lot of weight to it, so I could see an alliance forming.

However, at the end of Season 3, Angela Blue Thunder tells Rainwater they won’t stand on that land again with him in charge:

“Not with you we won’t. There is no such thing as morality. There’s own the land, and there’s lose the land. That’s all you’ll be judged by. Not how you do it. Winners are never judged by how; they save that for the losers.”

She also says that they could take John out and nobody would know who it was:

“You have an opportunity to free that land of him. And it will look like everyone but you who did it.”

To which Rainwater replied, “I’m not a criminal.”

Maybe she took matters into her own hands…

Malcom Beck

Is it possible Malcom Beck is still alive? We never technically see him take his last breath. The news report in Season 3, episode one says that 6 people were killed, but I don’t believe that it specifically mentions who (if it does, let me know).

It’s a longshot, but the dudes in black look a lot like the dudes in black that attacked Beth (at the hand of the Beck Brothers).

My guess, it might not just be one of the above, it might some combination of all of the above (or none of the above). Maybe we have some new characters.

We have some ideas, but at the end of the day, we just don’t know.

What we do know…

“Revenge will be worth the wait”

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow…

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