Boyz II Men Star Defends Morgan Wallen Amidst Awards Show Bans: “People F*ck Up”

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Despite being nominated for two awards at the upcoming American Music Awards, Morgan Wallen won’t be in attendance at the show.

The AMAs announced last week that Morgan would not be allowed to attend or participate in the show, even though he’s nominated for Favorite Male Country Artist and Favorite Country Album.

Morgan was also deemed ineligible to participate in the upcoming Country Music Association Awards; however the CMAs allowed him to be nominated in categories where the praise wasn’t solely on him. The decision was made in an effort to not punish his collaborators.

However, at least one R&B legend thinks it’s time to move on and “let the man live.”

TMZ recently caught up with Boyz II Men’s Shawn Stockman and (for whatever reason) decided to ask him his thoughts on Morgan being banned from the AMAs.

Asked if he thought that the whole situation was overblown and whether Morgan should be forgiven, Stockman had this to say:

“A lot of stuff is overblown these days, I think. It’s a lot less forgiveness these days.

People make mistakes, man. People fuck up. And people do things that they regret that they shouldn’t. I know I have.

But I think society should give these artists time to, I guess grow up and mature and make mistakes. And time will tell and see if Morgan is truly sorry for what he’s done.

And let the man live at this point.”

And when asked if he personally forgave Morgan for the racial slur, Stockman said:

“If he’s truly sorry for saying what he said… now, his intent behind why he said it, that might have to be analyzed a little bit deeper as to the context as to why he said what he said.

But I do believe that people can change.”

He also added, with a bit of a laugh, that Morgan probably isn’t the only country artist to say that word before, he’s just one that got caught.

Of course Morgan probably isn’t losing too much sleep over being banned from the AMAs (which nobody really cares about anyway), but the Grammys is the one that most people have their eyes on. Will they ban him? Will they allow him to come? We’ll find out when the 2022 Grammy nominees are revealed later this month.

He’s recently started to get back out on the road performing for his fans, and his three-night run at Rupp Arena in Lexington, Kentucky sold over 36,000 tickets in just 90 minutes.

And Morgan also took to Twitter to make clear that everyone is welcome to attend:

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