Kevin Harvick Says Roval Crash Will Be The “Chase Elliott Fan Club Video For The Rest Of Their Existence”

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This Kevin Harvick and Chase Elliott feud has been pretty bitter… and incredibly entertaining.

If ya don’t know the story by now, this is basically the story in a nutshell:

Kevin Harvick gave Elliott a flat tire after cutting it close back in Bristol. In retaliation, Chase slowed him up, letting teammate Kyle Larson take the checkered flag, and they got into a huge argument after the race.

Harvick then wrecked Elliott at the Roval, and Elliott said he would retaliate. However, Harvick wrecked his own car before Elliott could even get to him.

Needless to say, NASCAR told the two drivers that they had to cut out the funny business, or there would be serious repercussions from the feud.

Now I’m not saying that the two wish death upon each other, but they probably wouldn’t even piss on each other if they were on fire.

However, Harvick made an appearance on “The Race Hub” on FOX Sports1 yesterday, and was taking a look back on the 2021 season.

He even discussed the wreck at Roval, and it seems like he’s beginning to make light of the situation.

He said:

“We’ve had a great playoffs. I kind of screwed up at the ROVAL and drove the thing straight into the wall… that’ll be the Chase Elliott Fan Club video for the rest of their existence.”

It looks like tensions may have eased up a bit, and now that he’s eliminated from the playoffs Harvick, can even laugh about it.

You gotta love a bitter rivalry though… it’s high quality entertainment.

Chase Elliott, on the other hand, will be looking to secure his spot in the NASCAR Cup Series Championship this Sunday at the Xfinity 500 at Martinsville Speedway.

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