Brazilian Guy Uses Live Caiman As A Weapon During Fight

A person and a boy holding hands on a beach
UK Daily Mail

At some point, a fight devolves into a brawl, and at that point, all rules go out the window when it comes to using objects.

Whatever you can get your hands on becomes fair game. Beer bottles. Pool sticks. Decorative Pottery. Miniature Alligators. Whatever.

Wait, what?

That’s right. Never bring just your fists to a caiman fight.

Two Brazilian gentlemen apparently had themselves a disagreement while enjoying a day on the beach in Rio de Janeiro. I’m not entirely sure where the caiman came from, but it might have just been chilling on the beach too.

Although caimans aren’t known to fancy saltwater and though native to Brazil, they’re not really beach-going creatures.

Caimans are closely related to alligators and native to Mexico and South America. They reside primarily in marshes, swamps, mangroves, rivers, and lakes. Depending on the species of caiman, they weigh between 15 and 90-pounds and measure between 6 and 8-feet long on average. However, the black caiman can grow up to 13-feet long and weigh over 1000-pounds making it an extremely formidable predator.

They can most easily be differentiated from alligators by their longer and narrow snout and thinner teeth. They are mainly fish eaters but also prey on birds, small mammals, and other reptiles. Caimans are close to the top of the food chain in their environment, but anacondas and jaguars do hunt them quite often.

If only the empty-handed guy in this fight had an anaconda or a jaguar on hand, then maybe he could have won this fight.

Just as the lifeguard started to intervene and attempt to break up the fight, the caiman-wielding fighter jousted the caiman teeth first towards the face of his shirtless opponent. The man who picked up the caiman was initially losing the battle, but when he was thrown to the ground, he got back up with the hostile reptile in his arsenal.

A dog gets involved in the fight at some point, too, though I can’t tell whose team it’s on.

There is no word on how this conflict ended or who won the fight, but it looks like cooler heads prevailed after the lifeguard intervened.

Somewhere during the tussle, the caiman got loose and was later captured by firefighters and relocated to a pond in a nearby park.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock