Vikings Fan Gets Cold Cocked By Panthers Fan In Wild Stadium Dad Brawl

NFL fans fight

I thought I’d seen some fights at professional sporting events in my day, but BOY… 2021 has put every other year to shame.

I feel like this is just commonplace at the beginning of the week now.

A huge brawl breaks out at every NFL game, ending with somebody getting their shit absolutely rocked. It’s just been wild…

We saw Browns fans chucking knucks at a Muni Lot tailgate a couple weeks ago, we saw Cowboys fans fighting each other outside of SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Rams fans going at each other (what is it with Los Angeles sports fans fighting?), an old fashioned slobberknocker in Kansas City, and even college kids at Memphis.

And now, we have yet another fight to pile onto the growing list as the 2021 NFL season rolls on.

This time, it took place at the Minnesota Vikings vs. Carolina Panthers game at Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.

The game went down to the wire, with the Vikings edging out the Panthers by a score of 34-28, so you already know emotions were running high.

In the video, you see a group of Panthers fans come face to face with a few Vikings fans, and in about .01 seconds, shit hit the fan.

The Vikings dad says something the Carolina fan didn’t like, and BOOM, the Carolina fan lays a haymaker on dad, who appears to be down for the county.

Off-duty K9 officer Denzel Goins helped to stop the fight, but also shared the details of what went down on Twitter.

And the dad that got knocked the hell out… he was fine.

The Vikings fan hit the ground hard, and appeared to be out for a bit, but got up acting like he was wanting more.

Also, a woman got caught in the crossfire and hit the deck too.

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A beer bottle on a dock