Aaron Lewis Unleashes Full Throttle Anti-Biden Rant: “Quit Trying To Ruin My F*cking Country”

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You know exactly what you’re getting when you sign up for an Aaron Lewis concert.

You’re gonna get some decent country music, you’re gonna get some Staind tunes from the early 2000s, and you’re gonna get a TON of Conservative politics.

If that’s your thing, you’re gonna love it. If it’s not, chances are you’re not gonna be caught dead at an Aaron Lewis show anyways.

I mean, is anybody really walking into an Aaron Lewis show these days and getting completely blindsided by it? I don’t think so…

And while guys like Travis Tritt, Jason Aldean, and John Rich seem to dominate the headlines, Aaron Lewis is easily the most political Conservative artist in country music. Or, he’s at least the most unfiltered.

After all, his current single is a political anthem titled, “Am I The Only One.”

And at a recent show in Charleston, West Virginia, Lewis introduced that new single by unleashing a full throttle rant about current state of the country, and how the song isn’t just about the removal of statues.

Here’s what he had to say:

“They think it’s about statues. They don’t think it’s about the thousands of ships parked just off our ports, unable to unload the goods that we need so desperately because the government is standing in the f*cking way.

It’s not about the fact that they are teaching our children to judge each other by the color of their skin. It’s not about the fact that we were all locked down while a bunch of Democrats rioted in the streets and burned down cities and looted stores.

No, it’s not that at all… No, it’s about me defending a bunch of Democratic statues being torn down. It’s f*cking really f*cking ridiculous.

Wake up people… they’re purposely trying to sink our ship. A very small handful of people compared to all of us where the power lies. It is we the people.

This is the only country in the world that is designed with the power from the bottom up. Every single thing that the government has ever done that wasn’t good for this country is to flip it around from the top down.

If you want top down, go to any communist country in the f*cking world. Go to any socialist country in the world. Go to any other f*cking country in the world. Quit trying to ruin my f*cking country.”

Of course, he was preaching to the choir in West Virginia.

The West Virginia State Fair is where the crowd’s “F*ck Joe Biden” chant made headlines at a Brantley Gilbert concert.

And Brantley was here for it…

Here’s the new “Am I The Only One” music video.

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