Brantley Gilbert On West Virginia Crowd’s Anti-Biden Chant: “Oh, I’m Here For That”

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I don’t think anybody really has to question where Brantley Gilbert stands politically.

The country rocker has worn “Trump for President” hats at his concerts in the past, and he also has the Second Amendment tattooed in big bold letters right on his back.

So yeah, not a real secret who he voted for in the last election…

And as a native West Virginian, I can tell you that the state of West Virginia aligns pretty well with BG’s political beliefs. I mean hell, they’re giving away guns and pickup trucks in an attempt to convince people to get vaccinated.

West Virginians are Brantley Gilbert’s people.

And they let him know it during his recent show at the West Virginia State Fair.

A video making its rounds on social media shows the fired-up crowd chanting “F— Joe Biden,” much to Brantley’s approval as he moves his microphone closer to the crowd and cheered them on:

“Oh I’m here for that…

I knew I loved West Virginia.”

Bras just raining onto the stage…

Brantley also drew big cheers from the crowd as he introduced himself prior to one of his songs:

“I feel like I need to tell you a few things about myself in case you don’t know me well.

Number one, I’m a patriot, even though that’s a cuss word right now.

Number two, I like my guns and ain’t nobody taking them from me.

And I see a lot of kids, I understand this is a PG-13 show but that still allows me one F-bomb and I’m gonna choose to use that right now so kids, cover your ears:

I don’t like cold weather, cause I don’t f— with snowflakes.”

Brantley knows his crowd, that’s for sure.

But it’s not just his crowd or country concerts in general: The “F— Joe Biden” chant has also been making its way around college football games lately, as shown in videos surfacing of crowds from games across the country.

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