Cody Johnson Includes Stellar Rendition Of Conway Twitty’s “I Don’t Know A Thing About Love” On ‘Human’ Double Album

Cody Johnson just released a stellar new double album, Human.

The 18-track record includes a few previously released original songs like his current single “‘Til You Can’t”, “Treasure”, “Let’s Build A Fire”, and “By Your Grace”.

But, he also snuck a few covers in there, too.

He included his take on “Sad Songs And Waltzes” with Willie Nelson, and he also recorded an incredible rendition of Conway Twitty’s “I Don’t Know A Thing About Love”.

The track was originally written by Harlan Howard, and was the second single from Conway’s 1984 record, By Heart. It also became his 32nd #1 on country radio.

The cleverly written song finds the heartbroken narrator looking up at the moon and asking all sorts of questions about where his love is and what she’s doing.

It’s an absolute knockout of a track from a lyrical standpoint:

“Then I asked him ‘Where is she tonight?
You must see all things with your light.’
He said, ‘Son, I could tell you things that might kill you,
But I don’t get involved in what’s wrong or right.
I don’t know a thing about love,
I just kind of hang here above.
I just watch from the sky,
Will love grow, will it die?
I don’t know a thing about love'”

Cody’s version is a bluesy, sexy, twangy take on a classic, and with his powerful vocals to boot, it’s one of my favorite songs on the whole project.

Seriously, I could listen to him sing this all damn day:

The original:

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A beer bottle on a dock