Cody Johnson Give Us More Life Lessons With New Song, “Treasure”

Chris Douglas

While an argument could be made that too many songs are released from an album before the whole thing comes out, I do love getting new Cody Johnson music as often as we have been.

Leading up to his 18-song double album Human, (announced on the Whiskey Riff Podcast, NBD) which we now know is coming out on October 8th, Cody has been steadily releasing 2 songs every few weeks and today. we got two more, including another song full of wisdom called “Treasure.”

Cody is no stranger to putting his opinion out there, whether it’s good ole fashioned advice on how to treat a woman, how to best live your life or his view on current political situations.

This latest song, written by Matt Rogers, contains some more life pointers, putting the old saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” in much more poetic terms.

“A beat-up gut string tucked behind some TVs
Like a pawn shop castaway
Started strumming little nothings
I fell in love with the way it played

Put aside the way that some things shimmer
Beauty’s in the heart and not the eye
Rust is just another shade of silver
Not all treasure has to shine

When I told you that I wished
I could’ve put a bigger diamond on your band
You said your love’s worth more than any stone you could ever put on my hand”

Add this to the long list of songs you and your kids should listen too…

Cody Johnson, ladies and gentlemen.

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A beer bottle on a dock