Cody Johnson Brings The Gospel With New Original Hymn, “By Your Grace”

Human The Double Album is finally here after a long wait and, shocker, it’s pretty dang great.

Sure, we heard a whole bunch of the songs already in the lead up, but we still got nine new ones this past Friday, and I’ll never complain about nine new CoJo tunes.

While I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve heard so far, the last song on the album clearly stands out from the rest. It’s a gospel song titled “By Your Grace” and it’s a good one.

Cody Johnson has never shied away from singing about his faith, previously releasing a song titled “His Name Is Jesus” and covering “How Great Thou Art” at the Ryman.

This one is a Cody’s way of saying thank you to the God who is the only reason he’s been able to get to where he’s at with his life, AKA the biggest star to come out of Texas in a quite a while.

“By Your grace, I have hope
You’ve already paid every debt I owe
Please take my chains and make me see
That by Your grace, I’ve been set free”

We actually heard this song before when Cody lead a worship service at the beginning of COVID for the Lone Star Cowboy Church.

Great stuff as always from Cojo.

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