Cody Johnson Debuts “Let’s Build A Fire” & “Driveway” From Upcoming Double Album, ‘Human’

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Hot damn, let’s build a fire.

Honestly… with August already here and preseason football getting underway yesterday, I’m ready for fall.

A little college football, a little cold beer, and a little bonfire… it’s right around the corner and Cody Johnson is ready for it too.

His newest release, “Let’s Build A Fire,” is a boot-stompin’ ode to those chilly nights around the bonfire. Reminiscent of many of the high-energy ’90s country jams we all know and love, the subject matter is simple, but oh so relatable.

From Side A of his upcoming double album Human, “Let’s Build A Fire” joins its Side B counterpart “Driveway,” as the pair of songs Cody released in August.

Back in May on our Whiskey Riff Raff podcast, CoJo promised to release two songs each month, one from Side A and one from Side B, all the way until October when the full 18-track double album is released.

“Let’s Build A Fire”

“Driveway” on the other hand, will tug a little harder on the heartstrings.

Recalling childhood memories with his grandparents, and a more present day scenario with his wife and kids, CoJo pictures what he would like his version of Heaven to look like.

Ultimately, it would look just like a walk up the driveway:

“I see a long wooden fence to a tall hickory tree
A dog on the porch slowly fallin’ asleep
We don’t get to choose but if I had my way
My road to the sky would look just like
A walk up the driveway.”


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock