Eric Church Joins Morgan Wallen For “Sand In My Boots” At Opening Of New Nashville Hot Spot

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A whole mess of famous faces were on hand for The Twelve Thirty Club’s soft opening last night.

One of Nashville’s new hot spots, the swanky Twelve Thirty Club is owned by Justin Timberlake and restaurant partner Sam Fox, so it’s not all that surprising that some big names graced that stage last night.

And while I’m much more of a shithole dive bar kind of guy myself, the official opening is set for September 28th.

Eric Church, Zac Brown, Morgan Wallen, were all in attendance and took the stage, as were Kid Rock, Chase Rice, Jessie James Decker and more according to The Twelve Thirty Club’s Instagram account.

Chief treated fans to a little “Drink In My Hand” (seems appropriate), as well as a cover of Bob Seger’s “Night Moves,” but he also joined Morgan Wallen on stage for a performance of “Sand In My Boots.”

Eric has, for lack of a better word, taken Morgan under his wing this year.

The two have been seen golfing together, as well as fishing, and they even jammed out an acoustic performance of “Sand In My Boots” alongside Hardy earlier this year.

Eric with a little white wine at the table, Darius Rucker chillin’ there too.

It’s no secret that Morgan has been surrounded by controversy since this past February, and it doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon. However, if it’s guidance that Morgan Wallen is lacking, having a role model like Eric around lately should help steer him down the right path, one Morgan admittedly has not been on.

I mean, he’s not quite old enough to be his dad (they’re 16 years apart), but spending time with an industry vet like Eric, a guy who’s done it the right way, can only be good for both Morgan the artist, and Morgan the person.

It’s also pretty well known that Eric Church is one of Morgan’s musical heroes.

He referred to him as the “best country artist that ever lived” ahead of a “Homeboy” cover one time, but now that he has achieved the level of success that he has, he and Eric have become friends.

Morgan recently told Billboard:

“Eric knows how much he means to me, which is cool. I don’t obviously just sit around talking about that all the time, you know, being weird.

But I told him just to get it out of the way… ‘Hey, by the way, man, I love you, bro.’ ”

And Eric said he’s a fan as well.

“He’s real damn good and he’s authentic. That’s the key. Morgan is not trying to be somebody else. He’s just doing him. It’s refreshing to see and hear.”

Church co-wrote the final song on the album, “Quittin’ Time,” with Luke Laird and Josh Thompson.

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