Morgan Wallen Hits The Golf Course With Eric Church And It Looks Like A Kid Hanging Out With His Dad

Morgan Wallen and Eric Church in a golf cart

Just a couple southern boys hanging out on the links.

Morgan Wallen and Eric Church seem to quite the golfing duo lately, with Morgan posting a picture last month of the two doing some fishing after what appeared to be a day on the golf course.

(Check out those Jordans on Chief. Gotta respect a guy who’s that committed to reelin’ em in).

Well it seems Morgan and Eric are hitting the golf course a lot these days, with Morgan posting a picture today of him and Church on the golf cart.

Kinda looks like a father and son out on the golf course when mom walks up and says “Here, let me get a picture of my boys.”

Morgan has been outspoken about how much he respects the Chief, calling him “the best country music artist that’s ever lived.”

And the respect is mutual, with Church saying that Wallen is “real damn good.”

“He’s real damn good and he’s authentic. That’s the key. Morgan is not trying to be somebody else. He’s just doing him. It’s refreshing to see and hear.”

Church also co-wrote the final song on the album, “Quittin’ Time,” with Luke Laird and Josh Thompson.

Of course Morgan has been keeping a low profile lately, only recently starting to re-emerge after the fallout over his use of a racial slur.

But with spins going up on radio stations across America and Morgan slowly popping back up in the public eye with posting new songs and performing at charity events, it looks like his comeback is underway.

While Eric spoke out at the time the incident occurred saying he was “heartbroken” over it, it appears as though he could be taking Morgan under his wing and trying to help guide him on a better path forward.

Morgan said that he would be taking some time to work on himself, and spending some time with older, wiser artists like Eric Church seems like a good move to me.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have Eric Church as a mentor?

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