California High School Football Coach Goes Viral With Response To Player Quitting The Team: “I’m Proud Of You”

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Most of the time when a high school football player tells the coach he’s quitting, 9 times out of 10 that kid would get the cold shoulder from the whole coaching staff, perhaps even for the rest of his time at his high school.

I mean, what is the perception of quitters? They’re lazy, can’t take it, don’t want to work hard… quitting usually comes with the association that the quitter is “lesser” than the rest who didn’t quit.

And in some cases that’s fine. That’s what you’re looking for. Only about 25% of those who enter Navy SEAL training make it through BUD/S and onto a SEAL team, but the training program is designed for that.

However, for one coach out of Coronado, California (ironically enough where SEAL training takes place), his reaction to one of his players quitting was actually the complete opposite.

Kurt Hines, the head coach of Coronado High School, sent out a video tweet saying that one of his players, who was noticeably unhappy on the football field, and had a hard time making it to practice on time, walked into his office and told him he would be quitting the team.

Your typical response would be:

“Alright, we don’t need you anyways.”

But Hines in the video stated the opposite. When he asked the player if he loved the game, he simply said “no.” Hines then said:

“I’m proud of you… You’re doing the right thing, football is not for everyone. I

couldn’t be happier. Coaches, support your players.”

At the end of the day, that’s how it should be.

I’m sure there’s a ton of boomers out there talking about how “soft” this generation is and what not, but if a player doesn’t truly love the game, let him go be free to do whatever he or she wants.

As of right now, the video has garnered over 1.6 million views on Twitter, including positive responses from former NFL players like Ryan Clark, Danny Woodhead, Lawrence Tynes and more.

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Nebraska Football Salutes Military & First Responders

Nebraska football posted one of the most moving videos I’ve ever seen on their Twitter.

In the video, you see #21 Damian Jackson, a former Navy SEAL who walked on to the Cornhusker football team, carrying old glory down a street, leading a number of Nebraska fans.

At the end of the street, Jackson and the others are met by an Army veteran, a police officer, firefighter, and doctor.

Then… cue the waterworks.

Jackson and the Army veteran, who lost his leg fighting for our country, meet in the middle and offer a salute to each other.

Classy move, Nebraska football, classy move… I almost wish you didn’t lose to Illinois last Saturday.

Thank you to all of our first responders out there.

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