Utah Jazz Mascot Does IMPRESSIVE Recreation Of The “Chattahoochee” Music Video

A person water skiing


It’s common knowledge to any country music fan that Alan Jackson’s music video for “Chattahoochee” is the pinnacle of existence when it comes to country music videos.

The cowboy hat, the classic ’90s life jacket, water skiing in jeans, you couldn’t beat it with a stick. Many have tried to recreate the iconic scenes, and many have failed to capture the magic

However, we may have found a recreation that

And it comes from the Utah Jazz mascot.

The mascot, named Jazz Bear, showed off his talents on the water, doing some impressive waterskiing and wakeboarding in full costume, all to the bangin’ lyrics from good ol’ Alan himself.

Fuckin’ hilarious.

And why did they do this recreation, you ask?

Because Alan’s actually playing a show at the Jazz’s arena, Vivint Arena.

And of course, the OG:

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