Miranda Lambert Releases Booze-Filled Music Video For “Tequila Does” EDM Remix

A piñata filled with mini bottles of tequila?

Sign my ass UP.

It’s only Tuesday and I’m already craving a shot and a dance floor now…

That’s because Miranda Lambert put out a new music video for the EDM remix version of her fan-favorite song “Tequila Does” and it is fun as hell.

It features Miranda, her husband Brendan, her brother Luke and his husband Marc, along with plenty of other friends and family hanging out and drinking tequila at her farm in Tennessee.

Filmed at the vintage trailer park on her property, Miranda was a little bit reluctant to make a video like this, especially because it’s the first time she’s ever recorded a remix song. But, Luke and Marc convinced her she should go for it and I think she definitely pulled it off:

“‘Tequila Does’ is my first remix of any song in my whole career. I knew it was right up my brother @lukelambert’s alley so I sent it to him to see what he and his husband Marc thought. They loved it and that gave me the confidence to put it out there.

It’s so much fun I thought why not invite my family and friends out to my farm and shoot a music video at my vintage trailer park?! It seemed perfect. And @reid_long was my first call to shoot this because he has filmed a lot of live stuff for us on the road and I knew it would feel a lot like that. Just capturing fun moments.

I am so glad to have had my friends and family be part of it and we had a blast!”

And don’t worry, ladies, she has quite a few shots of Brendan shirtless drinking “domestic beer” (also one of my favorite lines in the song) with a few other guys for good measure… and I am not mad about it. It’s the second time he’s been featured in one of her music videos, as he also starred in the one for “Settling Down” last year.

The whole group takes a little tractor booze cruise, Broadway-style, around her farm, too, but it looks like it went a lot smoother than most in downtown Nashville. Not only is the song fun in and of itself, but all the outfits and neon colors in the video fit perfectly with the EDM, upbeat sound.

Again, I ask, how is this song not her next single? It’s the third different version of it she’s released now and it’s still a freaking jam any which way you hear it.

The track was originally included on her 2019 record Wildcard, then subsequently included on her completely acoustic, stripped-down collaborative record The Marfa Tapes, and now it’s gotten the Telemitry remix treatment.

The video even closes out with a steamy kiss between Miranda and Brendan in the middle of the dance floor, and honestly, I can’t say that I blame her one bit for including that. The girl knows how to market.

How much tequila do y’all think they drank filming this? I bet there were some raging hangovers the next day…

And, if you want to learn the dance that goes along with it (which she also recently performed at her bar Casa Rosa), there’s a video for that, too:

Something tells me the McLoughlin bros stole the show though…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock