Miranda Lambert’s “Tequila Does” Is An Old Fashioned, Tequila Drinkin’ Country Song

Nothing like a an old-fashioned, tequila drinkin’, honky tonk song to kick off your thirsty Thursday.

‘Tequila Does’ is country. And country music makes me happy. No matter how rock or edgy or scorned you can get, when you come back to a country song with a steel guitar, it makes my soul feel like it’s on fire.”

Miranda has now released 7 songs from upcoming album Wildcard, so with 14 on the record, we’ve already heard half of them. Don’t get me wrong, the more Miranda the better, I just miss those day when you cracked open a new album and hadn’t already heard half of the songs on it. Call me old-fashioned, whatever…

Anyways, “Tequila Does” is a flawless, steel guitar soaked, tequila anthem for anybody that prefers the company of a stiff drink over the company of a man. If you look around at some of the bozos that frequent the local watering holes around here, it’s not hard to imagine why she’d rather go home with Jose Cuervo. Because after all, nobody can love you like tequila does. If you know, you know.

Written by Miranda and longtime collaborators Jon Randall and Jack Ingram, “Tequila Does,” is the 12th track from her upcoming album, Wildcard, due out on November 1st.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock