Miranda Lambert Dances To Her Own Song At Her Own Bar Like A Boss

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Miranda Lambert is having herself a hell of a year.

She released an incredible raw, stripped-down album called The Marfa Tapes with Jon Randall and Jack Ingram, opened the first female-owned bar on broadway and won a Grammy for her 2019 record Wildcard.

So, needless to say, the girl’s been busy.

But, she has managed to find time to let loose and make a few stops at her new bar Casa Rosa, including at the soft opening where she sang the Grease hit “Summer Nights” with her husband Brendan.

And just last night, she made another stop at her bar… this time to drink and dance.

The best part, though, is that she was dancing to her OWN song. Yes, she was dancing to her newly-released remix of the fan-favorite song “Tequila Does” at her OWN bar. Like a boss.

And, it looks like the people in the video are all doing some sort choreographed dance to the song, as well, and she’s got it down pat (Miranda’s in the hat).

I didn’t know one existed, but it looks like I have some work to do to learn it this weekend.

THIS is the kind of energy I need in my life this year…

Check her out:

And here’s the remix:

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A beer bottle on a dock