Randall King Announces ‘King Fest’ In Luckenbach, Texas Featuring Triston Marez, Josh Ward And Clay Hollis

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Hell yeah, let’s all go to Luckenbach, Texas.

Waylon and Willie and the boys may not be there, but Randall King will be – and he’s bringing a hell of a lineup with him.

Randall announced his first ever festival, Randall’s King Festival, will be taking place this November 6 in Luckenbach.

And he’s been revealing the lineup over the past week in the only appropriate way for a festival in Luckenbach, Texas: With the classic Waylon Jennings tune.

Along with Randall, the first King Fest will feature rising superstars Triston Marez and Clay Hollis, as well as a veteran (and underrated badass) of the Texas country scene, Josh Ward.

Randall is hopping on the train of Texas country artists hosting their own festivals, alongside guys like Whiskey Myers and their Firewater Music Festival, and Josh Abbott Band’s JABFest.

And the best thing about these artists hosting their own festivals is that you don’t get the bullshit filler artists that you do with a lot of the festivals hosted by big festival corporations – just real deal country music.

So if you’re in Texas (or just want to plan a trip to Luckenbach), tickets to the inaugural King Fest are on sale now.

Head on down to Luckenbach, Texas with Randall and Triston and the boys.

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