Zach Bryan Plays Pop-Up Show On A Truck Bed In Arizona, Gets A Tattoo At McDonald’s

A man playing a guitar on a stage

Zach Bryan is one of the most unique artists in country music.

You want proof?

Well, just this weekend he played a pop-up show on the bed of a truck in Winslow, Arizona, and got a tattoo at a McDonald’s in the same-24 hour span.

He decided to play the show completely on a whim. Without all the equipment and gear it takes to put on a full-on concert, he managed just fine with his acoustic guitar and a truck bed as a stage.

From what I could tell, he was on a trip with some friends and not even in Arizona for work. But, he decided to take time out of his schedule to play for whoever showed up for free. Name another artist who would do that…

It’s even more special since he really doesn’t get out on the road much to do concerts. He did recently team up for a benefit concert with Carolina Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey and has a rare festival appearance coming up soon.

Other than that, though, he has a pretty important day job as an active-duty member of the U.S. Navy and doesn’t really get to tour at all right now.

Here’s a little “Oklahoma City” from the back of an F-150:

And a little “Snow”:

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t show you the tattoo he got, as well.

He tweeted out the question:

“Is it legal to get a tattoo in McDonald’s,” seemingly as a joke.

He’d also tweeted out lyrics from the Eagles classic “Take It Easy” around the same time:

A couple hours later, he posted photos of the process with the caption “McTatted baby.” He should probably trademark that term now, it’s genius…

Some of the craziest shit you could ever think of has happened at McDonalds’ all over the world. Honestly, it doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to get a tattoo there. But hey, at the very least, it’s not technically illegal to get a tattoo in a McDonald’s. Who knew?

The fresh ink appears to be a replica of his bronco with lyrics “take it easy,” a nod to the Eagles presumably, underneath:

On his Instagram stories, he posted another video with his friends showing off each tattoo they’d gotten, as well.

If you ever go on a trip with Zach, I guess the lesson here is: prepare to get “McTatted.”

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