Yellowstone’s Ominous New “Revenge Is Worth The Wait” Teaser Has Fans Begging For A Release Date

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Oh, I see how it is…

Yellowstone keeps us in the dark for months and months and months, push back the show to fall, don’t even give us a release date, and then think they can just start tossing out ominous teasers like we’re gonna be happy.

Nope, we don’t play that shit.

After the big reveal last week, Yellowstone dropped another teaser on us today, this time featuring a raven, as well as the same warning it gave in the first teaser:

“Revenge Is Worth The Wait”

We know the show is coming this fall, we know “revenge” will be the core theme, we know some new characters will be introduced, and we know that Yellowstone: 1883 will begin production this summer.

What we don’t know? The damn release date. And new teaser be dammed, that’s what fans want right now.

Here’s just a snippet of the comments on the new video:

“When??? I need a date!!!”

“For the love of John Dutton, tell us when!!”

“When’s the date though”

“I need a definite date please!!!”

“Finally but the date? When in the fall?”

“Give a date!!!”

We’re dying here.. hurry up!!!”

“Jeez. WHEN?”

“Can we get a date, though?!”

“Just play the next season already. This is getting old.”

Patience is running THIN.

Check out the new teaser.

Here’s the full Season 4 teaser if you missed it:

Also, be sure to check out our Yellowstone The Soundtrack Playlist, featuring every song from every episode, all the way through Season 3.


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